There Is More is a church-wide faith journey to inspire us to live and give beyond ourselves. This journey includes a six-week message series, small group experience, and daily devotional. No matter where we are in our walk with Christ, He’s always encouraging and inspiring each of us to take our next step and do our part to Meet People and Grow Closer to God Together.

Together, we’ll grow in our relationship with God and build our faith as we look beyond where we are, to infinitely more. Join us as we discover that there is more God wants to do in our faith, family, church, and community.

There is More.

In 2016, we started seeing exponential growth that caused us to move from one service to 3 services in a matter of 2 years. Despite losing a little momentum during Covid, God's people have responded with consistent attendance and a staggering online presence. With such large group gatherings due to our Sunday Services, ECA Assemblies, and other Conferences and events that we host, we have reached our maximum capacity to properly facilitate our people.

To alleviate the congestion in the Foyer area, we have designed a new space that will adequately host people while they gather before and during our services/events. In addition to our Fellowship Foyer, we will have new Restrooms and a state of the art Industrial Kitchen that will properly help us facilitate our adults when it comes to our events and weekend experiences. These new additions will subsequently provide our children's ministries with their own restrooms and take away the current foot-traffic in the existing building. When it comes to the exterior, we will be adding new parking and landscaping that simultaneously create a much better experience for our members and guests throughout our campus


  • Our new Worship Center will comfortably seat 550+ people, allowing us to host events with state of the art presentation + production capacity.
  • Our new facility will include a new infant room and mother’s quiet room and nursing area. This will provide a safe area for babies ages 4 weeks to 15 months. We have chosen to move this infant area to our new facility to ensure that the mothers feel safe with their babies close to them as they worship in the worship center.
  • Our education classrooms will be used to house students Monday-Friday for our Christian Academy. This will allow more space for more students to attend. We are training and equipping the next generation to achieve God’s calling for their lives.
  • Our new fellowship foyer will allow people space to gather before, during, and after worship services without being stuck in a single space. We will be able to host other events for food and fellowship as well as give people atrium space to connect with one another.
  • As our events continue to reach more people, this commercial kitchen will add viable ministry opportunities for years to come. This will enable us to supply food for ministry with more space and equipment.
  • These restrooms are an essential part of our building program as currently we have all attendees walking down the hallway to use the same facilities as our children. This will make our facilities much more convenient for all attendees and safer for our babies.


Throughout the There Is More journey, you will hear stories of changed lives from our own people at New Hope Church. These stories remind us of the incredible things God is continually doing through our church to reach people for Jesus and help them find belonging in a spiritual family.

Be sure to let us know what God speaks to you during There Is More by sharing your thoughts and stories with us in the form below!


Gifts In-kind / Appreciable Assets
Stocks, bonds, real estate and other assets provide ample giving opportunities coupled with considerable tax savings. Our Finance Team will help you donate appreciable assets, give stocks in certificate form, and make broker-to-broker transfers to optimize charitable contribution benefits and capital gains savings.

Automatic Contributions
By signing up for online giving, either through your bank or our website, you can ensure your gift is automatically transferred on the day(s) of your choosing. This is an easy way to make your giving hassle-free and consistent.

Cash Flow Gifts
You can give significantly by contributing smaller amounts at higher frequencies. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly giving allows substantial gifts to be reached in smaller steps.

Diverted-Funds Gifts
Some easy lifestyle adjustments can help allow you to increase your giving to God’s work. Diverting funds from your budget for entertainment, dining out, subscriptions, etc., can help you free up funds to have a significant impact on your giving.

Delayed Non-Essential Purchases
Forgoing some big purchases, such as automobiles, vacations, clothing, trips, etc., for a few years can create substantial giving opportunities.

Raises, Bonuses, Extra Work Income
Dedicating forthcoming raises or bonuses is a creative method for increased giving. Taking a second or part-time job, utilizing your marketable hobbies or skills, or working overtime can create extra revenue you can funnel into God’s kingdom.
Income-Producing Assets
Any interest income, payments from rental properties, or monies from other income-producing assets can provide a source for increased giving.

Special Sales
Consider selling unused items, hosting a garage sale or holding an online auction and giving the proceeds toward There Is More. The sale of major assets, such as a house, car, land or a business can also provide previously untapped revenue for giving.

Tax Refunds & Savings
Added giving to New Hope Church can create tax savings. By giving these tax refunds and savings back to God’s work, you can increase your total giving.

Freedom From Debt
As you look ahead to the next couple of years, you may discover some current loans or debt obligations that will be fulfilled. By investing the money you would have been paying on a car or credit card balance once it’s paid off, you can free up additional funds to give.

Charitable Giving Resources
Reviewing your charitable gifts in light of the kingdom of God affords a resource for significant giving. For example, you might usually give to other causes and non-profits. Consider diverting those gifts to There Is More during your pledge, and resume these contributions afterward.

Corporate Gifts
You might be able to make a significant donation by using the products or services of your business as a resource for giving.

*For additional assistance regarding your contributions or to make bequests and charitable planned gifts, please call us at (337)457-1092.*


The There Is More initiative is a three-year journey designed to meet the need for various expansion projects across our campus. We recognize this God-sized task is far beyond the ability of any one person, but everyone can do something.

Reaching our need of $6 million will take all of us. The Pledge Card you will receive during this series is a challenge to be prayerfully and financially involved in the vision of the There Is More campaign by making a financial pledge over a period of time towards this vision.

You will have the opportunity to make a pledge commitment over and above your regular tithes. We will all return our pledges together during services on Pledge Sunday (May 14th). The following week is Miracle Offering Sunday (May 21st), where we will all bring our best cash gift towards our total pledge. This is a part of your overall commitment to the project. All gifts received that weekend will go directly to the cash on hand we need to kick start these projects.

As you pray about how much God might want you to give, we encourage you to embrace this as a spiritual journey with God. The amounts will differ for each person, but everyone can do something by completing a pledge card and returning it during Pledge Sunday.

To help visualize your pledge's impact over time, reference the chart on the right. Individually each of us will make an impact, but when we do it together, we will leave an even greater legacy that will impact generations to come.