what is the one year challenge?

We believe that if you give God one year of your entire life, you will look back at that year and never regret your decision. When you receive salvation, we believe that you are STARTING a journey with Jesus. The being said, we created the One Year Challenge as an opportunity for you to have action steps for what to do after your initial decision! Will you accept the challenge?


We believe in the power of The One Year Challenge. Check out these stories of people who accepted The One Year Challenge

jon + Kasey guillory

In our first year at New Hope we have met so many amazing people through groups and serving. We have become a part of the church and feel like it’s home for us. Our faith has grown so much, and we look forward to all that’s in store for us.


Two and half years ago my girls and I accepted the one year challenge, it was the best decision of our lives. All I can say is that God is faithful. Being able to serve alongside my little girls is such a blessing. We've seen so much growth in not only our lives, but in the lives of those connected to us!

blake + rebecca miller

It's been five years since we accepted The One Year Challenge and it was the best decision we've ever made! We've been water baptized, we serve regularly, and we've met so many wonderfulul people! The ways we’ve seen God move in our lives in tough seasons is unbelievable!

Ryan deshotel

The one year challenge changed my life.  During my first year at New Hope. I grew tremendously by allowing God to work through me and allowing him to have control of my life. I grew by getting in his word daily, listening to Christian music and getting involved in groups to surround myself with people pursuing Jesus.