We inspire people to encounter God.

The purpose of New Hope Worship is to pursue the heart of Jesus by cultivating true worshipers who express their love for the Lord on and off the platform. Our heart is to  use our gifts and talents to prepare the atmosphere for people to encounter God’s presence. Our worship team is made up of the New Hope Worship staff and Dream Team volunteers who use their musical gifts for weekend services, mid-week services, Freedom Conferences, and other New Hope events.

1. Next Steps: Complete Next Steps to discover your purpose and join the Dream Team, our crew of amazing volunteers serving in several capacities throughout the church. This step is required to submit an application.
2. Audition: Submit an online worship team application including a video or live demonstration of your vocals or instrumentation. Those that demonstrate the necessary skills to serve will be invited to a live audition with the Worship Development Team.
3. Activate: Those selected, are invited to a program called ‘Activate’, designed to prepare you spiritually and technically for serving on the platform. Individuals are required to attend weekly band rehearsals to not only meet team members and build rapport, but also to learn expectations and operations as the New Hope worship team.
4. Stage: The active worship team members are discipled by the Worship and Music Directors at their designated positions, and scheduled on a rotating basis depending on availability and need.